Year Three | University

Hello and welcome back for the very last ‘yearly’ university life update!

So if you are not new, and you have been here for a bit, you may know that I have uploaded two previous posts all about my years at university: ‘Year One’ and ‘Year Two’; I thought it is only fitting that I finish the trio off with a last post.

So here it is.

I have finally finished university and honestly I don’t know what to say, I am happy but also quite sad at the same time but I do hope as one door closes, another one opens. To be honest, I would love to actually take my own advice but do I, no is the answer.

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Scared Of The Unknown

Hello and welcome,

I just want to start off by saying that I have been extremely inactive in recent months, well this is the first point that I have posted this year I do believe so I apologise for that although, as some of you may know, I am currently in my third year at university so this year is kicking my arse.

In the mixture of writing my dissertation and finishing off my last assignments for my degree, I have been thinking quite a lot over the last couple of days. Most of my thoughts have been quite positive as I had a weekend off university and just spent it with friends and kept busy watching Netflix although, todays thoughts have been quite upsetting.

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Getting Over Them

Hello and welcome to January, such a weird month in the calendar as you don’t know what to do with yourself. As it’s not Christmas anymore nor is it New Year, I just think it’s a month that is a little ‘blah’ and odd.

Although, new year is usually when people make New Years resolutions and try to stick with it for more than 2 weeks before quitting. It’s a time where people change and reflect on the year prior, changing their behaviour and their acts based on the last years events.

I had this blog post idea in my head the other day and I thought I would write it while I have the mojo for writing blog posts. I thought i’ll write something that has been on my mind recently, and that is how to get over someone (whether this is a friend or a significant other) that has gone out of your life quickly.

So let’s get into this shall we?

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2018 Round Up’s

Hello, now 2018 is fast approaching its exit, I am going to refresh your minds on some of the music, TV and film that I have enjoyed this year.

I am not big on monthly favourites sort of post as I have only uploaded a seasonal favourites post. The real reason is that I am boring and I don’t remember what I loved last month so I would rather group them all together and create a big post instead.

As we reach the end of the year, I thought I would publish this post for your guys to gaze your eyes over; to rethink back to some of the albums that you may have listened to over the last year.

I was going to do this in a month by month sort of thing but I failed to fill in each group so I decided to just categories it into seasonly groups; starting from: winter, spring, summer and autumn.

I hope you enjoy this little blog post about what happened in the year 2018.

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Christmas Films 2018

Hello and welcome back to a little new blog post, while you are reading this (hopefully) it will be Christmas Eve.

So if you have the day off or if you want to get into the Christmas spirit and struggling to find things on TV to watch, I thought I would give you a list of Christmas films to watch, both on streaming sites such as Netflix and Amazon.

I am going to separate them into streaming services.

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Peoples At Christmas | Retail Edition

Hello and welcome back to another blog post, I have just wrote a blog post that has hopefully gone up before this one. 

Anyway, that post lead me to think about Christmas and how working in retail has aided me with some tricks, tips and advice. This blog post is going to hopefully aid some of you guys who may be working in retail with a laugh and advice about one of the busiest time periods of the year. It will also have a little section about the types of people at Christmas time. 

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How Life Is Changing

Hello and welcome back to another late blog post and happy November.

As I mentioned in my last post I believe, I have been trying to upload each week and have even made a schedule up until New Year with new posts.

Although, as you can tell this hasn’t happened; I didn’t keep to this as university is taking over my life, to all the people out there who can upload once, twice a week with still completing third year of university, I take my imaginary hat off to you. 

Well done.

To be completely honest with you, I haven’t been myself recently as I’ve been feeling down and a little off; on top of a lot of university work to complete which isn’t good. 

Now enough with my whining and where I have been, I don’t want to commit to new blog posts every week but I do want to upload whenever I can with new content. Also my favourite time of the year is coming up (Christmas) so I want to upload Christmas filled content but we will see how that goes. But for the time being, I give you a blog post all about – how things are constantly changing. 

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Unusual Items To Pack

I know, it is cruel to make a blog post after the holiday season is done and dusted but I can’t help it. The other day I was searching on Google for cheap holidays over in the states for next year as I really want to go away again. But before that happens, I need to find someone to go with and find some money from somewhere.

But hey ho.

Anyway, enough with the moaning, I thought for a moment that people (well children) get another week off in October (right after Halloween) and the holiday season is ishy coming up again December; hence I feel justified to make this post.

Thus, this post may come in useful for those individuals who are going away in October and need to know what random stuff they need to pack in their suitcases.

I will attempt to give you the low down on what random items you need to remember to pack from hangers to Weetabix, here is Milly’s guide to packing your suitcase with weird and wonderful items!

Hope you enjoy, scroll down to keep reading!

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Minimal Makeup

Hello and welcome back to my channel blog; now that October is here and most people have gone back to university / college and any other form of education; I thought I would do a post about beauty.

A post all about a simple makeup look with simple tools, not including the beauty blender.

If you have been following my blog for a few months, you may have guessed that I don’t do many posts about beauty and skincare, I do them infrequently but today I thought I would do a post all about makeup brushes!

You may be thinking, why the heck would I do a post about makeup brushes but well I don’t actually have an answer. There are many videos of YouTubers doing videos such as no mirror challenge where they do their makeup without a mirror or videos showing them putting on their makeup without any brushes. I want to do something similar but with a twist.

Instead of not using brushes at all as I can barley do my makeup with brushes let alone none at all! I want to give you a free story and some tips you can use when you have limited brushes, limited makeup and need to do your makeup.

Let’s get started!

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Tips For Revision | University

Hello and welcome back to another little post in the mini blog series where I talk about university, mostly tips about going to university.

In today’s final blog post about university for a while, I am going to talk about tips for revision.

I did something similar last year so here’s the link for last years post.

Before I start, I just want to say these are the tips and tricks that has helped me in the past with revision. My exam season is usually third week in January and again in April time; these usually coincide with a break from university.

Thus, for Christmas break which I had three weeks off and Easter which is two weeks away from lectures. Exams have fallen after a break from university lectures and usually within a public holiday, I would say this is both good and bad for a couple of reasons –

  1. It is good because a revision timetable can be made.
  2. More time to revise and to plan my time out more hence why there is a timetable being used.
  3. It is bad because you don’t spend that much time with your friends and family as you would have liked as you will be doing assignments / revising.

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Tips For Freshers | University Life

Tips For Freshers | University Life

Hello and welcome back to the little series dedicated to university, if you have missed the other blog posts in the series then click here for – Mental Preparation For University and click here for How To Prepare For Third Year | University Life.

Now you are all caught up, here is another little blog post about tips for the newbies, aka the freshers.

However, before I get into this post, I just want to say that everyone is different / unique and what you may enjoy doing may be completely different to the next person so don’t judge people for their decisions. After all, its their lives, not yours. I also want to say that everyone is in the same boat as you, you may think you are swimming along the ocean, towards the ice-burg although, you can change course at any-time and keep your life afloat.

Now past the negativity and the hardship, what I am trying to say is that everyone may feel like they are sinking at the start of university and that is okay, just remember that everyone is in the same boat as you and you may be swimming to the bottom of the ocean but you can take some people along for the road with you.

Or if you feel that you are sinking in the first week, this is oaky too, just pick yourself back up, ignore the ice-burg and try to remain calm. If all else fails, here are some tips and tricks for freshers beside taking people down when the ship sinks!

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How To Prepare For Third Year | University

How To Prepare For Third Year | University Life.

Hello and welcome to another little post, I am writing this on a Tuesday night at about 11pm as I am quite busy with working at the moment (this section was written in July) but still want to give you a weekly blog post. Now breathe, dam that was a long sentence!

Anyway, I hope you are good, in today’s blog post, I want to start off as I mean to carry on with a blog post about university, specificity a blog post about my third year at university which I cannot believe starts in two weeks time!

This post is about how to prepare for third year, such as preparing for your dissertation and volunteering. This blog post is a little late to the party although, a lot of people don’t go back to university until the end of September or the start of October so there is still time to knuckle down at university or to start on some reading.

However, I wouldn’t judge you if you don’t do pre-reading as I haven’t done reading in the last two years of university!

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FriendsFest 2018

FriendsFest 2018

Hello and welcome to another little blog, this is another unrelated blog post to the university month of posts that I was going to do. However, I recently went to friendsfest and all I want to do is share my time with you lot.

Hence, this is what I am going to do, I am going to share my day with you lot. But before we continue, I should probably inform you lot on what the heck friendsfest is for those who have been living under a rock for the last decade.

I do have a lot of images of the day over on my Instagram so feel free to follow me there.

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Mental Preparation For University.

Mental Preparation For University | Taboo.

Hello and welcome back to another new blog post and welcome to September; 2018 is passing too quickly.

Anyway, as I said in last weeks blog post, I will be talking about how to mentally prepare for university.

There are many blog posts out there with how to physically prepare for university in terms of what to purchase for the academic year or freshers week however, I don’t believe many people have made a post about how to mentally prepare for university life; hence why I am doing this post about how to mentally prepare for university.

Also this blog posts is the first one in a series of blog posts for the next month; all posts will consist of university posts, so if you like these types of posts then carry on reading and don’t forgot to follow my blog. While you are here, feel free to follow my social medias such as twitter and Instagram, I have recently got into my Instagram more and ‘trying’, the key word is ‘trying’ to make a nice little feed.

So without further ado, roll on the post.

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Porto Santo

Porto Santo | All Aboard.

Hello and welcome back to another little holiday blog post, this time I was fortunate to go to Porto Santo. I am writing this blog post on the plane in between episodes of Greys Anatomy.

Porto Santo is an island off Portugal, next to Madeira, it’s quite a small island, it is even smaller than my home town! Thus, the population is smaller than my home town and my home town is quite small compared to Birmingham and London!

Anyway, I am going to give you a glimpse into my life over the last two weeks, what I have been up to and the food that I have been eating too.

So let’s get cracking, shall we?

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Greys Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy | Lifestyle

Let me tell you about one of my favourite TV shows; I would say it’s on par with Friends. The program is Greys Anatomy if you haven’t guessed by the title, the hit TV program has been running for fourteen seasons, over ten years and have won a mountain of awards.

Before I actually begin this post, if you haven’t watched Greys Anatomy, you will still be able to actually read this blog as I am going to try and keep it as spoiler free as possible, if you want me to give you some more information about Greys then feel free to message me on Twitter.

This post is very similar to the post I did the other month about The Greatest Showman, so if you liked that post then carry on reading.

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How To Survive A Plane Journey By Yourself

How To Survive A Plane Journey By Yourself | All Aboard, Tips, Tricks and Advice.

Hello and welcome back, I hope you have had a good day and week.

In this weeks blog post I am going to blog about planning for a plane journey once you have entered the airport.

So this isn’t what you need to become organised (I will have another blog post on this) or how to become organised for your plane / trip journey, I am going to do a separate one another time so for now you are stuck with this one.

I know many acquaintance’s (people who I serve at work) are planning to go away over the festival period, either to see family or friends or for a trip away with their family. So I thought I would share my limited resources with you guys here today.


I recently have flown by myself; well this was in October last year to America. have flown to America all myself and not to sound boasting but I am quite proud of myself due to the fact that I was really scared prior to entering the airport.

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What Have I Learnt? | 20 Years Old.

What Have I Learnt? | 20 Years Old.

Hello and welcome to another new little post.

Today is my twentieth birthday and I wanted to share with you lot some information; (words of wisdom) that I have learnt over the course of my existence on earth.

Here we go, twenty pieces of information that I have learnt in twenty years!

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What I Eat In A Day | Vegetarian.

What I Eat In A Day | Ova-Vegetarian.

Hello and welcome back.

I know I keep on saying this but I want to blog outside my comfort hence why I am blogging about snacks and now I am sharing about what I eat in a day.

As I have said many times in the last blog post but I will say it again, I am vegetarian but mostly Ova-vegetarian where I won’t consume dairy products but I will consume eggs as I want to get more protein in my diet.

However, I am only consume small doses of dairy products except milk that I only drink soya. I do want to become vegan one day however, I am transitioning in small doses and after checking with various of websites, they also say to transition in small doses too.

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Organising My Second Year | University Life.

Organising My Second Year | University Life.

Hello and welcome back to another little blog post about my second year at university.

In todays segment, I am going to talk about how I organised my second year, how those little organisational tips and tricks helped me get to where I am today; what may and may not have worked for me.

If you want to keep up to date with my blog, feel free to subscribe (or follow me, is that what it is called?) and if you haven’t read the recent post about university then click here.

But without further ado, heres how I have organised my second year at university and how I will keep with organising my last year at university.

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Snack Attack.

Snack Attack | Lifestyle.

To be honest, I had this idea for a blog post and the title came instantly, I just think it is really simple and quite funny.

Well well well, since becoming Ova Vegertian (well I do still consume milk products but only in really small doses) but lets just stick with Vegertain as it’s so much more simplier; I have been on a path to complete a handful of things:

  1. Gain weight so I feel happy in myself.
  2. Tone up; this one may come hand-in-hand with gaining weight but I am going to make another blog post about this as I want some help.
  3. And finally if I want to gain weight; I have learnt that I want to consume more snacks through-out the day as I can go without eating for about six to nine hours which I know is quite bad.

Now that you know some of the little goals that I set myself to hopefully accomplish in the future; I am going to now move onto the whole blog post.

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Scrapbooking | Lifestyle.

Hello and welcome to a new blog post, in todays blog post, I am going to dive into a new blog post which I haven’t done before; its quite a creative one here on my site.

For about half a year now, I have had the tools in order to create a scrapbook however, I only recently had enough time to actually sit down and start one; all thanks to university work.

Photos are a good memory holder and they can last forever with the right care given to them; I feel that photos can capture a moment beautifully without any need for words. Photos can also speak a thousand words in one simply snap-shot.

That is why I wanted to make a blog post about how I created my scrapbook and what you will need to create your own scrapbook if you choose to do one for yourself.

Also a scrapbook can also be a perfect little gift idea for any family member or friend, I recently made a scrapbook for my Dad for Fathers day, it was quite easy to make and it is such a thoughtful gift.
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Exercise | Heat Edition.

Exercise | Heat Edition.

Hello, I hope you are having a good day or night.

Well in todays blog; I am going to talk about how to survive exercise in hot temperatures; which England is currently having hot temperatures. I wrote a similar blog post back in December where I talked about how to survive exercise outside when it is cold, this one on the other hand is quite the opposite.If you live in the UK (Which most of my readers do); you will be experiencing a heat wave, which is what I too am experiencing at the moment.

You may think it is good as its bloody hot temperatures for once, rather than cold drizzly rain that England is used too.

On the other hand, you may have liked the heat for the first week; you know going out on the weekend to a local park etc, BBQ’ing and enjoying the weather.Then after the week, you may have wanted England to get a little colder.

Well if you agree with the second statement, then you my friend are in a similar boat with me, drifting down the river, hoping that England gets just a little colder or at least some more air so we all can breathe and walk without having buckets of water dripping from our bodies. Continue reading “Exercise | Heat Edition.”



Loneliness | Taboo, Lifestyle.

This is quite an unusual blog post of mine, especially on the internet where people post about their lives like it’s such a ‘perfect day’ everyday that everything goes all swimmly etc etc.

I too want to challenge this but write about loneliness so here it is.

But I don’t want this blog post to sound whiny and full of complaints; though I go through some days where I feel so alone even in room with a bunch of people.

However, I have noticed over the last couple of months, people try and challenge this image of the ‘perfect’ life and post pictures on the internet about problems of their daily lives. Such as – postpartum stomach for instance; this was done after Kate Middleton was photographed just hours after her birth without a hair out of place and basically looking like her former self before she was pregnant.

I know that little paragraph doesn’t really fit into this post but I wanted to say that not everything on the internet is real; however, I do feel that people are trying to open up about thief ‘issues’ (I hate that word) and try and knock down taboo walls.

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Things That You Never Knew You Needed| Bag Edition

Things That You Never Knew You Needed| Bag Edition

I was going to call this post – ‘What I Take Everywhere With Me’ but it didn’t feel right so it’s stuck with the current title.

What do you guys think of the title?

As I am writing this post, I am on a train travelling to work without my headphones. Without me drowning myself into the world of music or the world of Greys Autonomy which I have been obsessed with over the last couple of months.

I never knew how much I depended on an object like my headphones until they are gone (Milly they are not dead, they don’t have a mind of their own!) or until I have left them at home.

To stretch this matter further, I always tend to take a phone charger with my wherever I go as we all know that iPhone batteries aren’t the best but we would never change them for the world. In-fact I take two charges with me wherever I go so I won’t loose battery on my phone.

This little rant bring me onto the purpose of this post is to show you what I bring in a small-ish size makeup bag whenever I go outside (obviously if I only take a small bag, this won’t work but I take a big back with me so this problem never happens).

Let’s get into this post blog about what I carry with me every time I walk out of the house.

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Year Two | University

Year Two | What I Have Learnt .

Hello and welcome to another blog post, it is me again and I am trying to get back into blogging.

As I found recently I complete my blog posts on Monday night, the day before I usually post a new blog; what can mean two things –

  1. I am busy but this isn’t true as I tend to only focus on watching Greys Autonomy.
  2. The week goes that fast to the point of not remembering what day of the week is.

I tend to go with the latter, as come on I aren’t that busy as I just binge watch Greys and I am nearly on Season 9, there are 39 minute long episodes long with about 24 episodes in each season.

In today’s blog post, I am finally getting round to completing this blog post in June even though I finished university back at the end of May; but hey ho, its never too late to be honest.

This post will be about my second year of university and how I have dealt with the workload and fake people; I hope you enjoy.

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Proactiv+ | Lifestyle.

Hello and welcome back. This week I am finally talking about my skincare products that I use and why I changed up my the skincare products that I used to use.

I used to use garnier micellar water quite a lot like every-time I wash my face. Now don’t get me wrong, I still think its quite a good product to use however, it wasn’t helping my skin whatsoever.

My friends and family told me about a brand called ‘Proactiv+’ which is an American brand with a three step process. I tend to ignore what they say and just go with what I think hence it took me quite a long time for me to buy the products. Anyway, I did end up buying the products and ever since then I have purchased the products again as I really like them.

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Learning How To Drive

Learning How To Drive | All Aboard |Tips & Tricks.

I hope you have had a good weekend wherever you live. Here in the UK, last weekend’s weather was awful, thunder and lighting all night on Saturday night and through-out Sunday too. However, this weekends weather as I am writing this blog post is quite nice – I think we can officially say its summer time – hopefully I won’t jinx it.

Before I go into this post, I do have a post that I posted last week about my driving test, check it out by clicking here 🙂

Anyway, for this second lot of blog posts to go into the series ‘all abroad’ I wanted to talk about the driving test and what you may expect throughout the test such as stressful situations and the usual stuff like panicking and what to do if you express this etc etc.

I promise this post will be shorter than the one last week.

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Driving Test Experience

Driving Test Experience |Lifestyle. 

Hello and welcome back, this is going to be the first blog post of the little series called ‘All Aboard’ on my blog; I know how original. Anyway, this little series is going to be about my driving experience which is today’s post and then tips and tricks about passing your test.

Today’s blog post is going to be about my driving test experience; who to bring with you on the test day and how to tackle nerves.

Before I get into this post, for the UK tests, you can have fifteen minors in the test with no major things (like knocking into things or doing anything ilegal). Some of the minors you can have in the test is – move off from your vehicle, control of your car such as moving off and in general life I believe and any of the manoeuvres they may ask you to perform.

Let’s get cracking, shall we?

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Becoming Ovo-Vegetarian

Becoming Ovo-Vegetarian

Hello and welcome back, for the last couple of months I have undergo a ‘diet’ change; if you are triggered by food or stuff like that, I don’t suggest you read this post.

Whenever people do a diet change that is quite dramatic or something that they aren’t used to, a lot of people would say to take certain foods out of a diet throughout a period of time rather than all at once in order to give your body the time that it needs to adjust.

However, I didn’t bother to do this, as on Monday (back at the end of April); I went vegetarian then on the Tuesday I cut of dairy.

Don’t get me wrong, I sometimes do eat dairy products (mainly chocolate cake or small portions of milk in quorn products or products that I didn’t know had milk in) but I do try to eat mostly freefrom dairy products as much as I can. However, there is a lot of things that have traces of milk in which I can’t control.

It feels like ages since I cut out meat however, at this point in time I feel that I won’t go back as I am not harming animals and I can honestly say my diet is so much better now as I am eating more fruit and vegetables. The other day I started to eat apples again after about eight years of not eating them and when I used to eat them, I took off the skin as I didn’t like the texture of it. That shows how much time can do for a person, it can make them eat the skin of an apple!

Now I eat apples and the skin of them haha.

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Little Life Update | Royals, Wedding & Cross-Roads.

Little Life Update | Royals, Wedding & Cross-Roads.

Hello and welcome back.

I first want to say sorry; sorry I haven’t really been active on here recently but I have been quite busy with university. I have had exams and assignments to complete, as some of you may know I am currently in my second year at university and May is exam season for university students, hence why blogging has taken a back seat in my life.

However, I wanted to make this blog post tonight (going up tomorrow) to let you guys know that my last exam finishes Thursday (time to cheer) and I cannot be more excited about finally getting to upload blog posts as I have missed it and I have been away from you guys (fellow bloggers) for the last month.

I also have had time to come up with a few blog post ideas which I cannot wait to share with you over the course of a couple of months.

But without further ado, this blog is like a little chat, a little mini update on what has been going on with my life. I just want to share some ideas I have for summer and what I have been up to apart from revision and assignments which isn’t much.

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Gran Canaria | Holiday.


Gran Canaria | Holiday | Lifestyle.

Hello and welcome back to another little blog post, in today’s blog post, I just want to share some photos from my little holiday last week.

I also want to say that I am sorry that this blog post wasn’t on my usual day which is Wednesday but I didn’t want to rush this post so I thought I would post it on Friday instead.

Just before I go on, I just want to state it now that I am going to take a month of blogging as I am overloaded with work and I need to focus on revising for my exams in May but I will be back in May / June time.

So as some of you guys may now, I was quite stressed with university, to the point where I wrote a blog post about it (haha), and to cut a long story short all my family were going away for Easter and I decided to go with my Mom and step-dad.

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Becoming A Semi Morning Person.

Becoming A Semi Morning Person | Tips, Tricks and Advice, Lifestyle.

Before I start, I just want to say I hope everyone has had a good easter weekend and if you don’t celebrate easter then I hope you had a good weekend none of the less.

Okay, so over the last couple of days, I have tried to come to terms with the high levels of stress that I have had over the last couple of months due to university (you can read the stress blog post here). However, I am currently away on holiday for a week but I took my laptop here so I can do some university work.

Anyway here is the blog post, below.

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Easy Guide To Student Meals.

Easy Guide To Student Meals.

For the past couple of days I have started to feel quite proud of some of the dishes that I have made. In today’s blog post, I am going to share some of my (basic) knowledge of meals.

I was going to go through breakfast, lunch and then dinner but then I realised that I don’t have that many meals to put it into groups so it’s going to be random as per usual.

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Stress Stress Stress

Stress Stress Stress.

It’s a horrible word, a word that no one wants to associate with, I personally don’t believe there is something called ‘good stress’ as stress in general is bloody hard work.

But hello and welcome to a little blog post, I have been struggling to managing this blog over the last month due to university being crazily busy and stuff like that. But I am quite proud that I do upload each week on this.

This week, I want to talk about stress, not just ‘stress’ but ‘stress stress stress’ – hence the title, as I believe that whenever I feel stress, it comes full force and that’s all that I can think about.

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What I Pack In My Car.

What I Pack In My Car.

So I will be going over what I put into my car and why as you may be thinking ‘Milly you don’t need a pair of trainers or soft mints’ but I have my reasons so yes I don’t know how to end this sentence.

Sit back, grab a drink as this will be another long ass blog post.

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Surviving The Snow

Surviving The Snow

Let’s be real, there are half of the country that loves the snow, they can’t wait to get out to the snow, play in it, make snow humans and well the other side hate it. To put it nicely, they don’t enjoy the snow.

Whenever I can remember memories from being a child (which isn’t a lot of memories unfortunately); I didn’t mind snow. But now, being nearly twenty years old (dam where the heck has time gone!) I can honestly say I do not like the snow, nor do I actually enjoy the presence of the cold and white little droplets forming everywhere.

Especially now that I can legally drive (the blog post is here by the way); I drove the other day, first time by myself in the snow and I was a wreck.

A journey which would only take me about ten to twenty minutes actually took me half an hour; and this doesn’t count scraping off the ice and snow from my car.

So today, I am going to attempt try to give you some words of wisdom of how to survive the snow, if you are a new driver, hate the snow or just walk everywhere and still dislike the snow. On the other side, if you enjoy the snow, but get cold too, this post may become your friend.

I know, I know the snow is mostly gone now so this blog post is basically nearly irrelevant but I want to still post it as its March so I didn’t think there would be anymore snow (especially in March); so imagine my surprise when I woke up one day to a blanket of snow outside and minus how many degrees out there.

Anyway, if there is still snow where you are living, then this post may be beneficial for you, so here it is.

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The Greatest Showman

The Greatest Showman

Todays blog post wasn’t going to happen due to the fact that I have so much university work to catch-up on but I couldn’t resist writing a blog post about one of the best movies that I have seen in a long time. It is ‘The Greatest Showman’ if you haven’t guessed by the title.

The Greatest Showman came to theatre’s last December and I can honest say it is one of the best movies that I have watched in a long time.

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Mental Health and University.

Mental Health and University |Taboo.

Today’s blog post is a blog post that I have been thinking about for a while, mental health is still a taboo subject, even in the 21st century; so lets far it, not many people speak about it.

You would have thought by 2017 2018, it wouldn’t be a taboo subject due to the events that have been going on in the world but hey ho here we are.

Also it is University Mental Health Day on the 2nd March (Friday), which is important for mental health amongst university students.

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Passed My Driving Test.

Passed My Driving Test.

I’m so happy at the minute, it is all down to the fact that I have passed my driving test!

It only took me a couple of attempts however, I have finally passed and that is all that matters. As I have said beforehand, I have taken it a couple of times before and sadly didn’t pass due to the fact that ‘I didn’t look right’ or ‘didn’t do the roundabout right’ – okay the second one was a little bit bigger issue but oh well.

I have been taking lessons for over two years (since I was 17 and i’m now 19) so I was quite happy about it.

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Makeup Beauty Routine | Winter 2017

Beauty: Makeup Beauty Routine | Winter 2017 / 2018

Hello and welcome back to another blog post, today’s blog post is going to be a typical blog post that most bloggers post and this is my makeup routine.

So I haven’t really posted a blog post like this but I thought what the heck and I will post it.

I know, winter is technically over but from doing a little Google search (good ole google), winter doesn’t finish till 20th March so I am technically early with this blog post haha.

So today I am going to give you a little insight into my makeup routine.

I am also going to post the link to where you can purchase the items from as I am a nice person haha.

Just to let you know, I am going to give you an in-depth run down of my makeup routine.

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Getting Drawn In

Getting Drawn In | Uncategorized / Beauty.

Oaky so another random uncategorised blog post, today I am going to talk about how brands draw us in.

Everyday this happens, everyday brands try and persuade us to buy the latest gift or the latest gadget. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t but lets face it, most of the time it does work.

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Looking Through The Years

Hello and welcome back, so I thought I would write this blog post tonight, I am not 100% what to call it so if the title is ‘looking through the years’ then I haven’t come up with more of a better title.

So you just have to bare with me please.

Anyway, I thought I would take you on a little trip down memory lane for this post and tell you what I wanted to be when I was a little girl.

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Detoxing Your Life

Detoxing Your Life |Lifestyle, Tips, Tricks and Advice.|

Do you know when you feel that you want a detox, I would just go for it.

Don’t think too much into it or you won’t do it, take it from me, I procrastinate too much about these little things.

Just do it, take the plunge, if you regret it, you can always go back, nothing is set in stone after all.

So random start to the blog post today, but over the last few days I feel that I want to get rid of things, it’s January so many people are trying to complete their New Years Revolutions still or many have given up.

I on the other hand don’t listen to all that and just decide what to do about my life as I take it.

Disclaimer: So technically it’s not a social media detox but it is a start and it’s something. I will say this now, I don’t want to get rid of my social media’s, I just want to try and live in the moment. For instance, not going on them as much as I do.

Do you get me, if you do, continue to read, if you don’t then please do still continue to read on!

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Words I Dislike

Words I Dislike (Uncategorised + Taboo Subjects).

Okay, so let’s just be real here, everyone hates particular words that they hate in the dictionary whether it is is weird word or an unusual words. For instance, people hate some baby names where others love these, its all personal preference.

This post is just to about words that I hate such as ‘study’, if you couldn’t tell by the title of the post.

Let’s just jump into the post shall we?

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Exercise | Cold Edition

How To Survive Exercise Out In The Cold

Okay, so when you get past the strange heading, it will make more sense when I explain, so please give me a few minutes to explain haha.

As the new year is now in full swing, everyone is starting to fulfill their new year revolutions such as exercising and getting fit. For me, this wasn’t one of my new year revolutions, but you can find mine here (haha self promotion).

One of my goals, which isn’t just for the new year as I have had this goal for the last two years or so was to get better at running and to get my indulgence better – I do exercise four to five times a week anyway with fitnessblender. I do want go make a blog post but today isn the day, today is the day to speak about running.
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2017: What I’ve learnt & Revolutions.

Uncategorised: 2017: What I’ve Learnt & Revolutions.

Oaky hello, so I am starting this in September as the idea came to mind but hey ho. I thought that everyone does “new year resolutions” (in quotation marks as not everyone sticks to them, let’s be real).

I thought I would write a blog post with things that I have learnted in 2017. Let’s get cracking.

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Essentials for University

Essentials for University.

Hello and before I get into this blog post, I know a lot of you have probably already started back at university but I thought ‘what the heck,’ I will do this anyway and share my University top essentials for a new academic year.

These will be the top main ones, away from the usual ones like pens, pencils, pencil case etc.

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