Words That I Hate.

Words That I Hate (Uncategorised + Taboo Subjects).

Okay, so let’s just be real here, everyone hates particular words that they hate in the dictionary whether it is is weird word or an unusual words. For instance, people hate some baby names where others love these, its all personal preference.

This post is just to about words that I hate such as ‘study’, if you couldn’t tell by the title of the post.

Let’s just jump into the post shall we?

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How To Survive Exercise Outside?

How To Survive Exercise Outside (Uncategorised, Tips, Tricks And Advice).

Okay, so when you get past the strange heading, it will make more sense when I explain, so please give me a few minutes to explain haha.

As the new year is now in full swing, everyone is starting to fulfill their new year revolutions such as exercising and getting fit. For me, this wasn’t one of my new year revolutions, but you can find mine here (haha self promotion).

One of my goals, which isn’t just for the new year as I have had this goal for the last two years or so was to get better at running and to get my indulgence better – I do exercise four to five times a week anyway with fitnessblender. I do want go make a blog post but today isn the day, today is the day to speak about running.
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2017: What I’ve learnt & Revolutions.

Uncategorised: 2017: What I’ve Learnt & Revolutions.

Oaky hello, so I am starting this in September as the idea came to mind but hey ho. I thought that everyone does “new year resolutions” (in quotation marks as not everyone sticks to them, let’s be real).

I thought I would write a blog post with things that I have learnted in 2017. Let’s get cracking.

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18 before ’18 : New Year Resolutions

Making resolutions is by far my highlight of the entire month of January.

I mean, what else do I have to look forward to? The holiday magic and jolly commercials disappear and casually go back to their usual programming.

My resolutions are the promises that I make to myself that I will end the year a happier and healthier human being. Creating this list isn’t just an excuse for me to claim the cliché “new year, new me”. It’s far more meaningful than that. It gives me the opportunity to speak things into existence and claim the successes that I wish to accomplish. More importantly, they keep me accountable for the things that I’d like to improve, rather than change, in the coming year.

If you’re not one for resolutions, you’re not alone. You may actually enjoy reading the 18 things that I WON’T be doing this year, instead. Read…

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